Monday, February 22, 2010

A sudden DJ relapse!!!

I have to change my planned colorscheme...
And I want to bake bread! And I sooooo love my boyfriend...

For those of you who doesn´t talk to me, or otherwise catch up on my life that often, I should propably present a brief resume of the last ten months or so.

My housband and I broke up early in the spring last year, and I moved into my new house in the middle of May.
It has taken some time and effort to get head above water again, as I have my two wonderfull children to take care of, in addition to beeing ill for quite some time over the summer and fall.
Now, however, life couldn´t be smiling more. I have the most amazing boyfriend, and the future looks so bright in all possible ways.

I find myself wanting, and trying to get all this fun and joyfull content into my given 24 hours, and realize I am the luckies person on this planet. I actually have som many wonderful things to fill my life, that I cannot seem to find the time for them all. A luxury problem indeed!
I have remind myself what I refered to almost a year ago, about prioritizing... (But that is sooo boring!!! )

Have to go now! I have made my bed with brand new linnen, stripy in pink, green and yellow.
I will snuggle under my covers with my DJ book, and listen to the silence from insane amounts of snow and 12c degrees belove zero.

Your truly, and tata for now;

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  1. Trine,
    Have I missed your updates? It must be time for something else rather than Dearest Jane. I do hope all is well and you are having fun quilting or thinking about quilting and playing in fabric.
    All my best, Heather