Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hair by mom!

Had a wonderfull day with my parents. The food was delicious, and the kids had a great time. My mom had bought me a new hair-clip-comb thingy, and fixed my hair, which is too long. Haven´t cut my hair for a very long time. I think it´s nice with long hair, but unusual, so I don´t know what to do with it....
No sewing today.... Watching movie on DVD, "Tropic Thunder" and eating snacks and candy...

Next in line on the DJ is an applique, and I´m procratinating, as I havent done it Freezerpaper style before...  

Visiting grandparents

I´m taking the kids to see my parents today. We´re getting roasted moose-beef, yum.
They live in Notodden, about an hour from here, but after they retired they spend more and more time at the summerhouse in Åsgårdstrand, the home town of artist Edward Munch. (Idyllic little place).

I practise my handapplique, and will bring my practiceblock to Notodden..

Friday, January 30, 2009

And there we go!

Simple Simon is now finished, and stored in his own plastic sleeve in the DJ ringbinder. 

I´ve actually started my journey for real, and it feels gooooood!

Tiny post from work

I believe my employer prefer me not blogging in my workhours, but I just had to say hello!
Tonight I will start my first DJ block, Huzza!
Simple Simon in red and blue.

Gotta go now,
(And to DnB NOR Bank; I wont blogg at work again.... soon... at least not very often... I think)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sniff´ling little one

I´m home from work today, to look after my 2 year old, Marie. She´s been under the weather for soome days now, and is tired. Been sleeping for over two hours now. I don´t mind, getting plenty of fun sewingthings done. I relax, as i have spoken to my boss, who has taken care of my clients today.
Just had Pasta Carbonara for lunch, yum. (Carbon based pasta, as opposed to Silicon based?)

Inspired by Wenche

I tried to change the layout on my blog.  It´s nothing wrong with the way it is, but i really wanted a cooler background, not this booring green one. But all i find are complete themes, and when I tried one of them out, my widgets dissapeared, and I dont feel like adding and customize them again...

Tips will be recieved with deepest gratitude.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand applique

There´s a first time for everything. I will no enter the world of hand stitching. I start easy with fusible web.  I will spice it up a nodge when I get going with the appliqued blcks on the DJ, and do the freezerpaper-thing...

Still waiting for background fabric before entering the word of DJ "for real".  But I have made som preperations. In addition to getting the book, i have made copies of the first nine blocks i will start with, i have put each copy in its own plastic sleeve in a ring binder. The intention is to do the apliques by hand, and most of the piecing by machine. I picture i will prepare the applique blocks so i can just take a plastic sleeve with me when i go somewhere and need something to stich.

No i will go do some Ironing, and then i will get my crayons and play with colors, maybe i´ll post a drawing tomorrow. 


Monday, January 26, 2009

Debbie Mumm BOM

Natural Wonders
This will be my 2009 sampler. First block is an Ohio star with a mushroom applique in the middle. Maybe i shall stitch a face on it, my own little "shroomy"... hihi

Backgroundfabric for my DJ

My local quilt-shop throws the winter-sale on february 6. Even though i eager to getting started with my new project, I will wait till then, and go Shop-o-rama!
I think i will go for a medium to dark value, greyish blue background, and make the motifs in a TATW style, from oceangreen/blue to plum/ purple. 

This will be so much fun!
Now, to shorten the wait for the sale, I will make my two blocks for this springs guildquilt, and finnish the quilt to my brother, which only misses the binding. Wonder wether i should go for the same fabric as the outer border, or pick another one... What do you think? It´s the one in the picture under the section "Teppet til broren min".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter wonderland...

Or wonderfull sewingseason.
I will post these picture for Vicky from Wisconsin to see... We do have a lot of snow here, but it is not very cold. We´ve had a long periode of very cold weather, but now it is milder, and snowing. 

Winter in Norway is not easily described due to the variations in climate throughout our long thin country. Some people live in cold dry innland climate, while others by the coast where it is more likely to rain more, for instans in Bergen. Drammen, where i live is somewhere in between, we sometimes have a coastlike climate, but it can be really cold here, with freezing fog from the river, and we often have periods during the winter with pretty much snow. 

As you see from the pictures, we live with our driveway close to an intersection, and the snowplows dumps this huge pile of snow just outside our "door"... You see, the road our driveway is in, is plowed by the municipal plowers, whilst the road it ends in (and the road we actually live in, according to our adress) is plowed by the regional governments roadmaintenence. And who gets the snow???

What do we learn from this? Stay in and sew till you can spot little green leaves on the trees outside the window!

I´ve got myself a signature...

and changed the theme on my page, I´m trying to "find my own look"...


Great response

Thank you to all who responded by mail! I have now done some ajustments, so those who doesn´t speak Norwegian can post replies here. 

Some readers asked about the maple leaf quilt; it is called "Autumn at the courthouse", and i think it was a free download from Fons and Porter´s Love of quilting.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to TrineKanine!

I exptect (at some point) to deliver the "Quilters blog of choice", and have tons of visits to my page. I guess, however that most of my postings will be in Norwegian, so I ask you please let me know when it is about time i start writing in English, due to my huge mass of international readers...

Tata, and a happy weekend to y´all.!

Scrappy baltimore´ish...

Pågående prosjekt, som nå bare mangler quilting. Skal få den quiltet på longarm.  Skriften ble blå og understreket, men pytt... Det er ikke en lenke altså...

Teppe til broren min

Ganske dårlig bilde, det kommer et bedre når quilten er ferdig. 

Veggteppe til stua

Toppen var ferdig rett før jul, nå skal den quiltes, frihåndsquilt på maskin.
Den skal henge over soffaen :D


Last weekend i mad my first tote bag. The denim fabric was supposed to be the lining, but the outside turned out so "screaming" and messy in colours (used some leftover blocks from a previous project) so i decides to turn it inside out. 

First success in free motoin quilting. I have never really got the hang of free motion quilting, but suddenly it just worked! I did it :D :D :D 
(I have to turn my bag inside out to show off my swirls and twirls, though)

The denimside is quilted with decorative stitches on my sewingmachine.

My new years resolution was to drink more water, so i had to make a little table topper to put my flask on. I had the block laying from a mysteryquilt i never finnished, and just put a border and  cornertriangels "Voila"!


Bilder 2007-2008

Flere bilder, 2005-2007

Kommet i gang!

Etter første kursdagen (av fire) begynet jeg å bli litt mugg på symaskinen min, en Huskystar jeg hadde kjøpt til 2.000,- Jeg fikk ny maskin, Janome QC 6260 og da ble det fart i sakene. 
På kurs lærte jeg grunnleggende teknikker, skjøring, pressing, seriesøm og slikt. Vi lagde et teppe i log cabin, med vliesofix applikasjoner. 
Utover høsten begynte jeg på mitt første større prosjekt, samt lagde en hel gjeng med sminkepunger som ble gitt som julegaver.  

Første blogging!

"Alle" quiltere har jo sin egen blogg, ikke sant? 
Nå har jeg quiltet i fire og et halvt år, så jeg tenkte at de første innleggene kommer til å bli en kjapp "Sew and tell",  resyme av mitt gjøren og laden til nå. 

Jeg er ikke veldig erfaren som blogger, men tanken er at det skal komme noen bilder her... Jeg prøver: 
Heeey... kom på toppen jo, kult! 
Det der er det første teppet jeg lagde. 

Ragnar, eldstemann, var etpar-tre måneder gammel, da jeg egentlig helt tilfeldig havnet innom sybutikken som da lå i Engene i Drammen, på trilletur i byen. Innfall om å sy teppet ble to biter med stoff, en liten 41/2 " linjal og ei dokke med rosa moulinegarn.
Tegnet ruter på stoffet, rundt linjalen og klippet med saks. Tror ikke et eneste hjørne stemmer, men jeg knutequiltet det, så det syns ikke. 
Min første quilt !

Deretter gikk det slag i slag, med anskaffelse av skjæreutstyr, jeg lånte bøker, og kjøpte blader om quilting, og meldte meg på kurs.  Kursquilten mm kommer i neste innlegg.