Friday, December 30, 2011


This is somewhat new... I Knit! Found iut last summer that crocheting was the perfect summerhobby, now I have discovered (re-discovered, as I have done it once before... ONCE!) the joy of knitting!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One step at the time

There are most definately benefitial to writing aprox. two posts a year in my blog; I have so so much to write about. Problem now, though, is that it's almost one o clock, and I really should have been in bed.
I wonder; does anyobe even read my blog? Actually it doesn't make a difference, anyway. I really shoild be doing this in the morning, when Im not so insanely tired, then I will have energy to write about, and post pictures of my newest Quilt projects.


Monday, February 22, 2010

A sudden DJ relapse!!!

I have to change my planned colorscheme...
And I want to bake bread! And I sooooo love my boyfriend...

For those of you who doesn´t talk to me, or otherwise catch up on my life that often, I should propably present a brief resume of the last ten months or so.

My housband and I broke up early in the spring last year, and I moved into my new house in the middle of May.
It has taken some time and effort to get head above water again, as I have my two wonderfull children to take care of, in addition to beeing ill for quite some time over the summer and fall.
Now, however, life couldn´t be smiling more. I have the most amazing boyfriend, and the future looks so bright in all possible ways.

I find myself wanting, and trying to get all this fun and joyfull content into my given 24 hours, and realize I am the luckies person on this planet. I actually have som many wonderful things to fill my life, that I cannot seem to find the time for them all. A luxury problem indeed!
I have remind myself what I refered to almost a year ago, about prioritizing... (But that is sooo boring!!! )

Have to go now! I have made my bed with brand new linnen, stripy in pink, green and yellow.
I will snuggle under my covers with my DJ book, and listen to the silence from insane amounts of snow and 12c degrees belove zero.

Your truly, and tata for now;

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love my stash!

I´ve spent the time since last post moving, and my lovely fabrics have been stashed away untill now. The urge to sew suddenly came over me, and i enjoy finding my projects in bokses and bags. I find place for my stash, sewingbooks and notions. I no longer have a sewingroom, but I have a nice appartment, with lots of space and plenty light.

I really look foreward to getting started again. My DJ, my handapplique/ nine-patch project, the placemats with tiny fourpatch´es. I´m planning a bali-wallhanging as well.

The next week is my "welcome back, fabrics" week. Then it´s back to work after a wonderfull summerholliday, even thoug i´ve been ill (mono).

Friday, March 27, 2009

A matter of prioritizing

A man with a little more experience in life than yours truly told me, not long ago... that prioritizing, isn´t simply reorganizing the order of your planned actions, but to actually exclude something, decide what is less important and let it go.

If you don´t actively prioritize, things will prioritize them selves, and things will eventually fall out from the bottom of the list, wether you like it or not.

So, the last few weeks I have been struggling back and forth between my "want to"s and "got to"s, trying to keep my head above water.  This weekend however, is my big comeback to sanity. Not one single plan other than getting on top with laundry, cleaning and hugging and kissing my kids over and over. If I´m lucky, I´ll even dust off my Janome tomorrow, it´s been neglected for over three weeks!!!

Wish me good luck, getting a grip on my time again. 
Nattinatt :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

So little time...

I am the luckiest girl in the world! I Love my family and my job , and I have sooo many things to fill my life. I have no understanding for people who gets "bored". HOW is that possible? I usually try to do at least two things at once, because there are just soooo many things I wanna do! 
Every now and then I sit down with my computer, watch the news on TV, while i chat with friends, blog,  and surf the web. 

Tonight I had a list of possible activities, some more necessary than others, such as laundry. I like laundry, and the folding, but not too fond of putting the clean laundry back in the closets and drawers. And I tend to down-prioritize pairing socks. 
I could choose to continue moving in to my new sewing room (it´s actually not a separate room, but we´ve refurbished the master bedroom, so one third of it is my brand new sewing room)
I could (and did!) bake a cake.
I have plenty of funny sewing to do!
I can play games on my PC, or organize photos on my Mac.
I did clean half the kitchen (save some for tomorrow)

And now I will go put on another washing machine, hang my already clean work-trousers on the clothesline, so I have dry pants tomorrow. (The blue shirts I washed yesterday, my blazer is overdue for dry-cleaning, but I forget to bring it home from the office every day. )

And finally, before going to bed, I will enjoy my new sewing room a little more... Will post pictures later. 

The Jason's Jack block  turned out Ok, btw. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hm... I may reconcider the approach

First attempt on "invisible" hand applique, not entirely sure it´s the thing for me... oh well... Half way trough the D3, Jason´s Jack, and not convinced. Will post again when finished, maybe i´m more satisfied when I see the end result :D

It is not the applique that bothers me, but how the piece is really wonky on the background, I´ll hurry up finishing the applique, and cut the block the right size :D