Monday, February 23, 2009

So little time...

I am the luckiest girl in the world! I Love my family and my job , and I have sooo many things to fill my life. I have no understanding for people who gets "bored". HOW is that possible? I usually try to do at least two things at once, because there are just soooo many things I wanna do! 
Every now and then I sit down with my computer, watch the news on TV, while i chat with friends, blog,  and surf the web. 

Tonight I had a list of possible activities, some more necessary than others, such as laundry. I like laundry, and the folding, but not too fond of putting the clean laundry back in the closets and drawers. And I tend to down-prioritize pairing socks. 
I could choose to continue moving in to my new sewing room (it´s actually not a separate room, but we´ve refurbished the master bedroom, so one third of it is my brand new sewing room)
I could (and did!) bake a cake.
I have plenty of funny sewing to do!
I can play games on my PC, or organize photos on my Mac.
I did clean half the kitchen (save some for tomorrow)

And now I will go put on another washing machine, hang my already clean work-trousers on the clothesline, so I have dry pants tomorrow. (The blue shirts I washed yesterday, my blazer is overdue for dry-cleaning, but I forget to bring it home from the office every day. )

And finally, before going to bed, I will enjoy my new sewing room a little more... Will post pictures later. 

The Jason's Jack block  turned out Ok, btw. 

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