Sunday, February 8, 2009


Another week has past so quickly. I must have blinked! 
Friday I went shopping, my LQS, Lille Stasjon´s annual wintersale. 

I´ve also, finally, taken pictures og the lovely quilting on my "Scrappy Baltimore" quilt. Merete Ellingsen did a wonderfull job!

My brothers quilt is now on it´s way to Harstad in the mail, and I´ve started a new project; a sewingbag. I found the pattern online, and got going coupple of days ago. The pattern was supposed to be easy, but I don´t agree. Knowing now how the bag is supposed to turn out, I would have done it in another way, which I think would be both easier as well as quicker. Perhaps I´ll make another one, with my own aproach, but maybe only half the size. (For shorter sew-outings?)

It´s been snowing again, for a coupple of days. Maybe I´ll take Ragnar (my son) out skiing today.

There´s a garden somewhere under all that white fluff...

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  1. looks like you have been busy. I would like to see what your scrappy Baltimore looks like when it is done.