Friday, February 20, 2009

Hm... I may reconcider the approach

First attempt on "invisible" hand applique, not entirely sure it´s the thing for me... oh well... Half way trough the D3, Jason´s Jack, and not convinced. Will post again when finished, maybe i´m more satisfied when I see the end result :D

It is not the applique that bothers me, but how the piece is really wonky on the background, I´ll hurry up finishing the applique, and cut the block the right size :D


  1. Your applique looks great!!!! How many DJ blocks do you have done???

  2. If you are new to applique may I give you a tip? If you cut your background piece a bit large next time and then do the applique on it you can trim the block down to size and you won't think it looks "wonky" I have a hard time doing the blind stitch and I do a tiny whip stitch with the same color thread so the stitches aren't real noticeable.

  3. din blok ser rigtig fin ud - det er en af den slags, som jeg syr som reverse applique
    Liselotte, Danmark