Monday, February 23, 2009

So little time...

I am the luckiest girl in the world! I Love my family and my job , and I have sooo many things to fill my life. I have no understanding for people who gets "bored". HOW is that possible? I usually try to do at least two things at once, because there are just soooo many things I wanna do! 
Every now and then I sit down with my computer, watch the news on TV, while i chat with friends, blog,  and surf the web. 

Tonight I had a list of possible activities, some more necessary than others, such as laundry. I like laundry, and the folding, but not too fond of putting the clean laundry back in the closets and drawers. And I tend to down-prioritize pairing socks. 
I could choose to continue moving in to my new sewing room (it´s actually not a separate room, but we´ve refurbished the master bedroom, so one third of it is my brand new sewing room)
I could (and did!) bake a cake.
I have plenty of funny sewing to do!
I can play games on my PC, or organize photos on my Mac.
I did clean half the kitchen (save some for tomorrow)

And now I will go put on another washing machine, hang my already clean work-trousers on the clothesline, so I have dry pants tomorrow. (The blue shirts I washed yesterday, my blazer is overdue for dry-cleaning, but I forget to bring it home from the office every day. )

And finally, before going to bed, I will enjoy my new sewing room a little more... Will post pictures later. 

The Jason's Jack block  turned out Ok, btw. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hm... I may reconcider the approach

First attempt on "invisible" hand applique, not entirely sure it´s the thing for me... oh well... Half way trough the D3, Jason´s Jack, and not convinced. Will post again when finished, maybe i´m more satisfied when I see the end result :D

It is not the applique that bothers me, but how the piece is really wonky on the background, I´ll hurry up finishing the applique, and cut the block the right size :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Promise of Spring"

Yeay! It´s finally finished!
And I Love it... So does my son, who wanted to borrow it, and ten minutes later he was "gone"...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Had the most wonderfull moonlight skiing tonight.
Now I´ll soak mself in the tub, and spend the rest of the evening making a new, and better sewingbag!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Another week has past so quickly. I must have blinked! 
Friday I went shopping, my LQS, Lille Stasjon´s annual wintersale. 

I´ve also, finally, taken pictures og the lovely quilting on my "Scrappy Baltimore" quilt. Merete Ellingsen did a wonderfull job!

My brothers quilt is now on it´s way to Harstad in the mail, and I´ve started a new project; a sewingbag. I found the pattern online, and got going coupple of days ago. The pattern was supposed to be easy, but I don´t agree. Knowing now how the bag is supposed to turn out, I would have done it in another way, which I think would be both easier as well as quicker. Perhaps I´ll make another one, with my own aproach, but maybe only half the size. (For shorter sew-outings?)

It´s been snowing again, for a coupple of days. Maybe I´ll take Ragnar (my son) out skiing today.

There´s a garden somewhere under all that white fluff...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loooooong day at work

I´m tired, today... I really want to sew, but I just sit here yawning.... Maybe i should snuggle under my covers with some handstiching, and recharge my batteries for tomorrow, when I will have to dig my car out from a huge pile of snow before driving an hour in the blizard to some work thing in Oslo... 

Sorry.... just tired, and had to get it out of my system.  All better now :D Will post picture again tomorrow. The large quilt I sent away for quilting is back, and it is sooooo beautiflully quilted... But, you will have ti wait til tomorrow. 

Nighty night...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday sewday...

Today I´ve finished the quilt for my brother, Truls. I appliqued his name on it pretty early, so I wouldn´t risk wanting to keep it to myself when it was done... Think i´m getting the hang of the freemotion quilting now; look, flowers!

I have also delivered the large country-baltimore´ish one for quilting. I found it was too large for me to do on my own machine. Now it´s way past bedtime, and I still have to do the dishes and some laundry.
Good night...

And... yes, I just had to make my blog pink. You know, "pink is like red, but not quite"