Friday, March 27, 2009

A matter of prioritizing

A man with a little more experience in life than yours truly told me, not long ago... that prioritizing, isn´t simply reorganizing the order of your planned actions, but to actually exclude something, decide what is less important and let it go.

If you don´t actively prioritize, things will prioritize them selves, and things will eventually fall out from the bottom of the list, wether you like it or not.

So, the last few weeks I have been struggling back and forth between my "want to"s and "got to"s, trying to keep my head above water.  This weekend however, is my big comeback to sanity. Not one single plan other than getting on top with laundry, cleaning and hugging and kissing my kids over and over. If I´m lucky, I´ll even dust off my Janome tomorrow, it´s been neglected for over three weeks!!!

Wish me good luck, getting a grip on my time again. 
Nattinatt :D

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