Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love my stash!

I´ve spent the time since last post moving, and my lovely fabrics have been stashed away untill now. The urge to sew suddenly came over me, and i enjoy finding my projects in bokses and bags. I find place for my stash, sewingbooks and notions. I no longer have a sewingroom, but I have a nice appartment, with lots of space and plenty light.

I really look foreward to getting started again. My DJ, my handapplique/ nine-patch project, the placemats with tiny fourpatch´es. I´m planning a bali-wallhanging as well.

The next week is my "welcome back, fabrics" week. Then it´s back to work after a wonderfull summerholliday, even thoug i´ve been ill (mono).

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