Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to TrineKanine!

I exptect (at some point) to deliver the "Quilters blog of choice", and have tons of visits to my page. I guess, however that most of my postings will be in Norwegian, so I ask you please let me know when it is about time i start writing in English, due to my huge mass of international readers...

Tata, and a happy weekend to y´all.!


  1. Hey Trine!

    Pictures come in multi-languages!!! LOL

    Love your quilts and ESPECIALLY the Maple Leaf one. Where did you get the pattern?!??!

    Inquiring minds need to know - Plus, I'm from Canada and LOVE our Maple Leaf! *grin*


  2. The pattern is a free download from somwhere, don´t remember, but it is calles "Autumn at the courthouse". Perhaps Fons and Porter...