Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand applique

There´s a first time for everything. I will no enter the world of hand stitching. I start easy with fusible web.  I will spice it up a nodge when I get going with the appliqued blcks on the DJ, and do the freezerpaper-thing...

Still waiting for background fabric before entering the word of DJ "for real".  But I have made som preperations. In addition to getting the book, i have made copies of the first nine blocks i will start with, i have put each copy in its own plastic sleeve in a ring binder. The intention is to do the apliques by hand, and most of the piecing by machine. I picture i will prepare the applique blocks so i can just take a plastic sleeve with me when i go somewhere and need something to stich.

No i will go do some Ironing, and then i will get my crayons and play with colors, maybe i´ll post a drawing tomorrow. 


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  1. I have just come across your post and see you will be starting a Dear Jane quilt. I have made one and will start quilting it in a couple weeks. I hand pieced and hand appliqued the whole thing - now I am make a second one! You will either love it or hate it :) keep in touch - there are so many working on this quilt - if you have questions you might want to check out this pagehttp://www.dearjane.com/
    I have my DJ's pictured on my blog under "Insanity" and "Insanity Revisited"