Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter wonderland...

Or wonderfull sewingseason.
I will post these picture for Vicky from Wisconsin to see... We do have a lot of snow here, but it is not very cold. We´ve had a long periode of very cold weather, but now it is milder, and snowing. 

Winter in Norway is not easily described due to the variations in climate throughout our long thin country. Some people live in cold dry innland climate, while others by the coast where it is more likely to rain more, for instans in Bergen. Drammen, where i live is somewhere in between, we sometimes have a coastlike climate, but it can be really cold here, with freezing fog from the river, and we often have periods during the winter with pretty much snow. 

As you see from the pictures, we live with our driveway close to an intersection, and the snowplows dumps this huge pile of snow just outside our "door"... You see, the road our driveway is in, is plowed by the municipal plowers, whilst the road it ends in (and the road we actually live in, according to our adress) is plowed by the regional governments roadmaintenence. And who gets the snow???

What do we learn from this? Stay in and sew till you can spot little green leaves on the trees outside the window!


  1. Wonderful blog, Trine! How did you figure out how to make such an individual 'signature'? Looks great! Your pictures are fabulous!
    Cyn:) Forrest
    California, USA

  2. Nice pictures, but I am glad I am not in Norway now. I very well remember all the cold winters full of snow. Today it is snowing in Vienna and it is minus 5, but hopefully we will soon get spring coming.