Monday, January 26, 2009

Backgroundfabric for my DJ

My local quilt-shop throws the winter-sale on february 6. Even though i eager to getting started with my new project, I will wait till then, and go Shop-o-rama!
I think i will go for a medium to dark value, greyish blue background, and make the motifs in a TATW style, from oceangreen/blue to plum/ purple. 

This will be so much fun!
Now, to shorten the wait for the sale, I will make my two blocks for this springs guildquilt, and finnish the quilt to my brother, which only misses the binding. Wonder wether i should go for the same fabric as the outer border, or pick another one... What do you think? It´s the one in the picture under the section "Teppet til broren min".

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